Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials. ~Meryl Streep

Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease. ~Lisa Alther

Now, as always, the most automated appliance in a household is the mother. ~Beverly Jones

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ode to Poop....

Some poop is squishy,
Some poop is harder!
Sometimes the poopie,
Is nothing but water!
OK....poop humor is not usually my thing. But, after this week, we need to find humor in something! The epic diarrhea actually began about a month ago. November 8th BG started with a bout of diarrhea. The next day we had a routine doctor's appointment, only to find out she had a raging ear infection. It was her 3rd ear infection since she arrived. Unfortunately, we had to do another 10 day course of antibiotics. The antiobiotics made her diarrhea much, much worse. It lasted for the about 10 or 11 days. 
Just as BG was getting back to normal, BB was hit with a virus. He had terrible diarrhea and 1 episode (a memorable episode) of vomiting. It took him a little over a week to get fully better.

Just as BB was getting better....BG got the virus! She started with terrible diarrhea last Sunday night. It was awful! She was terribly uncomfortable (and so were we) all Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday I called the doctor, but since she was still eating and drinking they did not think it was necessary to come in for an appointment.
On Wednesday of this week BG woke up EXTREMELY lethargic and sleepy. She was not herself at all. I made a doctor's appointment. Once they evaluated her, they decided we should take her into the Emergency Department at Strong for fluids. I made arrangements for my Mom to watch BB. 

We were admitted into the ED at noon. After they did blood work they determined that her potassium was low and she was very dehydrated. They decided to keep us overnight. The next day she continued to have difficulty, and was not drinking enough to keep herself hydrated. We stayed one more night, and by Friday she was doing much better. Thank goodness.
Today BG is nearly back to herself. She is eating and drinking well. She has returned to affectionately pestering her older brother. Order has been restored to our household! 
We are so lucky to be close to family. My parents and DH's parents watched Jacob, so we never had to bring him into the hospital. We didn't want him to catch another virus. It was difficult, but throughout the whole thing I was just thankful it was not worse. What BG had was highly treatable. I saw so many other families there who are not so lucky. I was also thankful that we have good insurance, a good pediatrician, and good medical care in our community.
So, hopefully "diarrhea month" is coming to a close. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the nights Husband and I have been awake changing messy diapers, pajamas, and sheets. Here's to firmer stools!